If you scored 10 or more:

You may be at a higher risk of significant income planning obstacles, and could benefit from a no-obligation 30-minute analysis and/or a more comprehensive financial review. Having multiple risks to a reliable income stream is one thing we feel retirees should try to avoid during their retirement.


If you scored three to nine points:

You may be at risk of developing problems involving your income strategy that could affect your financial goals for retirement. Often, you may be carrying too much risk in your current portfolio or you have not specifically laid out a proper strategy on how to withdraw funds from your portfolio.


If you scored two or less:

You are likely not exposed to significant income planning issues at this time that could impact you or your family’s retirement goals and objectives. If you are in this range, you may be an excellent saver and you may want to address your wealth management plan to help prevent unnecessary losses at any time during retirement. Candidates who score in this range could benefit from a Portfolio Stress Test.