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EVERYTHING we do is centered around this principle:


Through a truly customized, holistic and collaborative approach to financial planning, we help families not only protect but grow their retirements. Honesty, integrity and reliability are the North Stars of our organization, and as an independent advisory firm, we’re empowered to let those attributes guide us.

Jessica Cervinka


When the Great Recession and a major health issue turned her father’s retirement dreams into a nightmare, Jessica was inspired to refocus her career on retirement planning. She opened her own insurance agency in 2013 and helped hundreds of families safeguard their life savings from similar heartache. She went on to found Kingsguard Capital in 2018, where she focuses on providing clients with well-thought-out strategies for financial independence.

Jessica is a financial professional and fiduciary who can offer investment and insurance products and services. Because financial education is one of her biggest passions, Jessica’s mission is to provide clients with the guidance they need in an easy-to-understand style. Her dedication to education is reflected in every step of Kingsguard’s planning process. Headquartered in Virginia, Kingsguard also serves clients from its Florida office.

Jessica, her husband of 30 years and her five sons, live in Powhatan, Virginia, with their German shepherds and flock of chickens. When not helping clients, Jessica can be found playing music with her family, enjoying a home-cooked meal or simply relishing all aspects of country living. 

Joseph Cervinka

Vice President/Adviser
Witnessing firsthand the positive impact financial advisors can have on families, Joseph made the move to join the family firm. He is a Co-Founder of Kingsguard Capital where he now specializes in all things retirement planning including Medicare, Income Planning & Investments. He is a dual licensed fiduciary, and he is passionate about always working in the best interest of his clients.  After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Florida, Joseph became a licensed insurance professional with Kingsguard Capital, where he helps clients organize and outline their ideal retirements. Joseph lives in Powhatan, Virginia, with his five German shepherds: Baby, Oprah, Ceaser, Bulvi and Foxy. He is passionate about fitness — hiking and boxing are among his favorite activities — and enjoys fishing whenever he can find time.

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Associate Adviser

Kris Cervinka

Associate Adviser

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